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National Magnum

World Class Style and Security

National Security Magnum safes are a perfect blend of superior security and Old-West styling. We put all of our expertise into making these safes the finest in America. The finest features with unmatched elegance, the National Magnum is in a league of its own!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA 

PRICE: Starting at $4,199
Payments starting as low as $95.52 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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National Magnum Ratings and Reviews

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Average 5 out of 5 stars for 22 customers ratings and reviews

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Beautiful, well made safe
written by Armus Jim on March 6, 2017
Simply a beautiful fit and finish. Easy to install and bolt to floor
External connections are convenient. The included accessories are high quality.
Nice to have the lights already installed.

Better Safe than Sorry
written by John H. on February 22, 2017
National safe's are the Rolls Royce of safes. Completely made in the USA. They protect guns and other collectables from fire and theft. I bought my first NS Magnum about 20 years ago. It has been fantastic. I had only a 90 min. fire rating. My new one has 2.5 hrs. WOW! I highly recommend these safes. Great Company and great service.

Protect the things that Protect you!
written by Tall Texan on January 24, 2017

written by C.Roberson on May 5, 2016

Finally purchased the one and only safe - one time buy
written by Terry T on January 28, 2016
If you are going to do something onetime and onetime only then you've got to do it right the first time with no regrets. That is why I went with the largest and best rated safe I could find; security and peace of mind is what this safe will bring me. Very nice quality, workmanship and accessories. The lifetime warranty is a huge plus too. This safe was a little costly but you get what you pay for in most cases and my high expectations were delivered. No regrets!

Best in the industry
written by Chief7000 on January 15, 2016
My National Security is of the highest quality across the board. It is functional, but is beautiful and looks like a fine piece of furniture in our home. Sales experience and delivery were first class, as is customer service support. If you want the best, buy Liberty!

Buyers Choice--Magnum
written by RCV on January 14, 2016
If you are looking for the best safe on the market that looks great and provides protection second to none, look no further. The magnum series tops them all. With 2 1/2 hour fire protection and 7 gauge steel you can go to sleep at night knowing you have done the best you can do in protecting your valuables. In buying this safe I feel I got more than I paid for-it is that good. Combine that with a great warranty program and you have a winner. I recommend anyone looking to buy safe do the research and make some calls. I called several places and was less than impressed with the person on the other end of the line. That was not the case with Liberty Safes of Central Texas. Kris (sales) was more than helpful and the owner, Chris, knew his product. If you have not done your homework it all becomes a little confusing, but if you have done the research then you understand what you are getting and it will lead you to the correct decision. If need be, save a little longer and get the best quality you can afford and as everyone says, buy bigger than what you think you need today. If you are in the central Texas area, I highly recommend Liberty Safes of Central Texas. Talk with Chris B. or Chris N--you will be glad you did. Last comment-the delivery was excellent and is something you should always ask about. The 2 men that delivered my safe do all the deliveries for my dealer and they were top notch-I highly recommend BTW Delivery service.

Great Buy!
written by Texas123 on October 20, 2015
we have owned a liberty safe for almost 20 years!!! we replaced some of the gears (which was covered by warrranty) from being used so many times. other than that, it still works great even after being moved i dont know how many times. i just purchased a National series safe and it looks and functions great!! i can now sleep peacefully knowing my valuables are protected by one of the best safes out there and peace of mind knowing the safelert monitoring device will tell me if it is opened, moved or temperature changes.

Outstanding Safe!
written by OldGuyPete on October 13, 2015
Just received my Liberty Safe and I couldn't be more pleased! Delivered in a nondescript truck, the delivery guys left the shroud on until it was in the house, and took the box with them to keep any nosy neighbors from finding out I just bought a large safe. Delivery took a while, but that was because they took utmost care to put it where I wanted it without damaging anything in the process. The safe is everything I wanted and exactly the color that my wife required to match the furniture. I look forward to many years of protection and peace of mind.

Lincoln Safe is Great
written by csample on January 1, 2015
The safe looks beautiful almost like something you want to show off compared to my old safe that I wanted to hide.

Excellent Safe
written by Landman on September 18, 2014
Excellent Safe and Made in USA

Great Safe
written by Gaylon on June 30, 2014
I am very pleased with my purchase of the National Security 40 safe. It's beautiful in finish both inside and out. The leatherette trim, the jewelry drawer, the upgraded dehumidifier, the premium accessory door panel and the auto on/off clearview safe lights make this a very functional safe. This is the only safe I have ever owned, but as I looked locally there is no doubt that this is a premier safe and none that I looked at before purchasing it compares. All I can say is whatever size you think is appropriate for you, get at least one size bigger. I got the 40 and wish now I'd have gone ahead and gotten the 50 size.

Superb Craftsmanship!
written by Daddy in Austin on May 12, 2014
Enormous safe that looks amazing in the living room. The finish actually allows it to be more of a show piece so there's no need to hide it in a closet or behind a wall.

Five stars
written by Major 9mm on May 3, 2014
The safe (national security 50) was exactly what I was looking for. It was between the Ft Knox and the Liberty. The Liberty had more features for the money. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Awesome safe is awesome!
written by Daddy in Austin on February 28, 2014
Big, Burley, and amazing! Beautiful color and finish with a solid feel to it. Love it!!

Performs completely as advertised
written by JD on September 27, 2013
Just received delivery on a National Series Safe. The quality of the safe, its features, delivery and follow-up calls were exactly as one would hope and expect from Liberty.

Great Safe
written by STGS on September 9, 2013
I am extremely pleased with my new Liberty safe.

Just took delivery of my Magnum 40
written by Bill from Austin on June 27, 2013
Just took delivery of my National Security Magnum 40 safe. I purchased from Liberty after extensive research on the web for the past year. The combination of fire protection, burglary protection, quality of construction, price, and appearance made Liberty Safe the choice for me. While I do have some guns, my main reason for buying a larger safe was to protect some other valuables we have, along with important paperwork and my disc drives and computer backups.

The Blogs Were Right!
written by Big Dave on April 12, 2013
As a first time home safe buyer, I wanted to buy the "right" safe the first time. I wanted an excellent quality safe with good fire protection. I was unsure about the size requirement. After some research, Liberty Safe stood out for quality and fire protection. For the size, the blogs claimed you should determine the size you require to store your "known valuables" and double it. They are right. The number of things stored in my safe continues to grow. The fit and finish of the safe is excellent and it came with all the required options (lighting, dehumidifier, adjustable shelves and deluxe door panel). The delivery crew did a fantstic job inspecting and installing my safe.

Simple Perfection
written by D.W. on March 13, 2013
This safe is quite simply the best there is. I highly recommend it.

Best Safe Made For The Money
written by Wild Willie on March 3, 2013
I looked at several different safe manufacturers. The National series from Liberty Safe was far superior to any other product that I looked at. Yes it was the most expensive product but I also have found that you get what you pay for.

One Bad A-- Safe
written by Dragon Dude on December 12, 2012
My wife and I looked at a lot of safes at retail stores. I heard about Liberty (National) safes on Glenn Beck. We went to our local dealer to look at them. We bought a NS50 on the spot. The quality compared to what we had looked at was not even in the same ballpark. Make sure you have plenty of help to get it in your house. At 1600 lbs it's a handfull.