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USA Safe Series
Made in the USA

USA Series

Made In USA

Liberty introduces one tough entry level safe-The USA Series. Built right here in America, the USA series was recently tested against the competition by dropping a 1000 pound block of cement on top of each safe. Check out the results by viewing the video below. Toughness is built in with Liberty's newest defense system, our Patent-pending 4-inch wide Military Style Locking Bars coupled with Liberty's engineering marvel--the 2-piece roll form body--and you have one tough safe! These American made gun safes are available in 3 sizes--the 23, 30 and 48--with textured black powder coat finish and New TopLit SecuRam E-lock. 3-in-1 flex interior and economy door panel offers extra storage capacity. Liberty's heavy-duty gun safes include 30 minutes of fire protection.

PRICE: Starting at $899
Payments starting as low as $20.45 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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The peace of mind alone of this Liberty Safe is more than worth
written by alfisch on May 17, 2018
I wanted a safe that is secure and provided security against theft of firearms. The last thing I want to have happen is for someone to break in, steal an unsecured firearm and use it in the commission of another crime or to hurt someone.

The Liberty Safe I had delivered today should do that and more. I have enough room to store documents, cash, coin collection and other valuables that have gone unsecured until now. It is the final layer of security needed to protect personal belongings. Good luck breaking into this one. There is no way in the world anyone will carry this one off.

If a thief can get by the electronic security, the dog, and a crotchety old, well-armed former Marine, they still have to deal with this Liberty Safe. They are going to have a very long day.

Excellent product - peace of mind worth the price!
written by MN Farm Boy on April 22, 2018
Very pleased with my purchase of the USA Series safe. Retail experience was excellent, delivery could not have been any better - fast, easy and very professionally executed. Looking forward to many years of protection that this safe will provide for my firearms and other valuables.

Go Libery Safe and Be Secure
written by Super Chef on March 13, 2018
Just what we needed and fantastic quality.